9-Year-Old KL5IX Tells Her Story

Posted by: Kent Petty, KL5T
Date:  April 4, 2022

Hi, my name is Audrey Crocker, I am nine years old, and I was invited by Kent Petty to tell what got me started on ham radio, how I studied, and what other goals do I have?

My mom, KL5AF, has an extra class license. She is and was Always talking about the radio, telling us every time she talked to Europe. She talks to AL7JX, our neighbor Glen, on the VHF radio every day, which is what made me want to get my license.

Mama ordered a technician textbook for me. After a couple weeks my textbook arrived. The night my textbook arrived I read chapter 1. The night after that I read a section out of chapter 2. And my mom showed me how to go to and study each individual section. After that, I read a section every night or almost every night. Then I would study the section and previous sections. If I had questions, I would ask my mom, dad, or Glen. I won’t bore you with every single section I read, but eventually I finished chapter nine. After I had reviewed chapter nine several times I started the practice tests. Most of the time I got a passing score and eventually I got really good and got scores in the 90’s. After a few weeks of taking tests my mom said she knew I would pass and a few days later she scheduled my test, which took place on March 24. I got 34 out of 35. I also put together kits and soldered them. I learned to solder which was fun, and it also taught me about circuit components and how circuits work.

As for my goals I just like to chat, I am learning CW, and I would like to do DX.

73, KL5IX.