_Change Log

This is a convenient place to document content changes to the kl7aa.org WordPress  web site. It is more for an explanation of the why and who approved the changes.
2022-03-07 – remove RSOC from Systems sub menu – Walter

2022-02-25 – remove “Check Equipment Out” from main menu

I zoomed into the Development(everything) committee meeting on Thursday the 24th. It was Richard, TJ, Keith and me.
It came up that people were calling the club asking about checking out equipment. Someone from JBER was asking about checking out a complete station, transceiver, power supply, coax cable and an antenna. The consensus was that the “Check Equipment Out” was intended as an “in the RSOC” process. If you use the antenna analyzer, check it out, then check it back in when you’re done. I was not intended as a public facing application.
Richard Tweet asked if it could be removed from the menu. I told the committee that I could remove the items from the menu without deleting them entirely. Approved by the committee.
I removed the two Checkout items from the menu and moved the “Report Equipment Defect” under Systems.
Walter Yankauskas – KL7WY – 2022-02-25