AKRFW 2022 Details

Mile 0.5/ 1.4 Health Dr & Wellness St Aid Station

A bit to decode in this aerial image. The racers will be coming in hot from the North on Wellness St (orange arrows), then turning West on Health Dr. They will loop around an come in cooler (Green arrows) from the South on Wellness St., turn right on Health Dr, take another right onto the bike path on the South side of Health Dr at the South-East Corner of the Sharon Gagnon Lane and Health Dr Intersection and then onto the running path.

The medical folks and Porta Pottys will be located near the yellow star.

The red lightning bolt is approximately where I think the antenna from the Providence EOC is.

Ambience: Anchorage Scottish Pipes & Drums

This is the spot.

It is about this far from the parking lot.

Mile 2.7 APU Trail/University Lake Trail/ Mills Dr Aid Station

The green arrows show the route of the race.

The yellow star shows the location of the Water Station and the Medical folks.

The blue arrow shows the walking path from the parking lot of the Winterberry Charter School, located at 4802 Bryn Mawr Ct.

Should there be an emergency right at the station, the red arrow shows emergency access. The parking lot just east of the trail is private property.

Ambience: Rick Zelinsky & Mark Manners Jazz Combo

Approaching Winterberry Charter School. Bear left at the cul-de-sac. You can see the school in the background.

From your car, head here:

Head down the shortcut trail to the University Lake Trail.

Hang a left and head down the University Lake Trail.

This is the spot.

Mile 4.1 Goose Lake Park Aid Station

The Run Course is in Green, Setup near the yellow Star. Parking is to the East.

Ambience – Tomodachi Daiko

The racers will be entering from the paved trail on the left just behind the light pole. Smack dab in the middle of the photo is a rough spot in the parking lot that the Race Course Director is planning to route the racers around.

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