AKRFW the Event – 2022

Station Time Traffic
H&W 705 On site w/ MTV
Shadow 717 Helping set up starting arch
Bike Mobile 749 Radio Check. Parked at library parking
Goose Lake 806 On site
Winterberry 807 On site
H&W 821 On HT now
Bragaw 824 On station
ALL 825 Roll call – all on station. Shadow advises 15 minute delay
Goose Lake 832 Portacans doors tywrapped – cut
All 833 Check porta can doors, cut tywraps if necessary
Shadow 834 Walkers lining up to start
Shadow 841 1 mile walk started. Net Control notified all
Goose Lake 850 No medical at site – Notified shadow, will check with medical
Bike Mobile 900 last of 1 mile walkers UAA drive crossing under bridge
Bike Mobile 905 Red lantern 1 milers at UAA drive. APD asked if an official sweep. Shadow not sure
Shadow 909 5 mile racers have just started
Shadow 911 Last of racers cleared starting gate
Shadow 915 untimed group started
H&W 917 Medical enroute to staff Goose Lake
Winterberry 918 Advised medical staff transitioning from Starting line to Goose Lake
shadow 920 All partipants have left the starting line.
Shadow 924 Medical staff shifting. No staff to Bragaw. Notified Bragaw
Winterberry 926 First runners through Winterberry
Bragaw 931 First runners 401 & 413 through Bragaw
Goose Lake 933 First runners 413 & 401 through Goose Lake
Goose Lake 935 Medical on site
shadow 936 First runners across finish line
H&W 937 Quiet, bike with fluorscent vest behind 2 women with walkers. Last walkers?
H&W 938 More, group of 4-5 dressed in pink…. And more at 943
Bragaw 951 Bib number 781 through station
H&W 957 Bike mobile and official sweep through station, waiting for all to come back around
H&W ~1005 Last people through, confirmed by sweep. Breaking down station.
Shadow ~1010 Medical requested for individual down at Goose Lake. Medics responding
Shadow 1012 Untimed runner bibs are yellow and party wave bibs are green
Goose Lake 1027 Medical back onsite at Goose Lake
Net Control 1030 Checked status on Winterberry, Bragaw and Bike Mobile
Winterberry 1032 Waiting on last person, accompanied by bike. Starting to break down station
Winterberry 1046 Last person through. Breaking down station
Goose Lake 1105 requested confirmation that Bike Mobile was with red lantern. Confirmed
Bike Mobile 1115 Red Lantern, bib 3617 requesting transportation at Bragaw. Shadow confirmed
Goose Lake 1119 Breaking down station
Bike Mobile 1122 At Goose Lake picking up new red lantern
Bike Mobile 1129 New red lantern Black on Black pushing stroller. On UAA drive
Goose Lake 1134 Station broken down. Chairs left behind. Water people will have.
Bragaw 1142 Bib 3617 picked up. Breaking down station
Net Control 1144 Net closed. Frequency returned to normal use