Alaska Search and Rescue

Be sure to attend our general meeting this Thursday at RSOC on Raspberry Road (7PM). We have a special guest speaker, Tom Plawman. Tom is president of the Alaska Search and Rescue Association (ASARA), and a member of the Alaska Incident Management Team for SAR (AIMT).  He will give a short introductory PowerPoint that outlines the role of volunteer SAR teams in Alaska, how ASARA supports these teams, and AIMT’s role in managing large SAR missions.

As a little background, Alaska Search and Rescue Association (ASARA) is an association of search and rescue organizations and individuals in Alaska. ASARA is a non-profit whose mission is to support search and rescue efforts across the state of Alaska. ASARA accomplishes this through:

1) providing liaison support between Alaska’s Department of Public Safety and the volunteer search and rescue community

2) seeking state and national sources of continued funding for search and rescue training opportunities for volunteer personnel

3) allocating grant funds for professional level training to search and rescue organizations and personnel throughout Alaska

(As a quick side note, Tom enrolled in our first Technician license class to be held at RSOC on May 12th and 13th)

(Please note portions of the above were taken from the Alaska Search and Rescue website located here: