Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

  • Education – The Education Committee’s function is to build a realizable catalog of courses with syllabuses, durations, and a depth of instructors capable of carrying out the community service function of STEM education. This committee will be practical in its approach with the target audience of all ages.  The committee will oversee the support of individual courses and assist in their success.  It will look to stay viable and appropriate to the current state of the art.  This committee currently meets at the RSOC every Saturday at 1PM.
  • Elections – The Elections Committee shall consist of the Vice-President, the Secretary, and one member selected by mutual agreement between these two people. The Elections Committee shall nominate individuals for the open director positions at the regular meeting of the members in September. The Committee shall determine the results of the election and announce the new officers and directors at the November regular meeting of the members. This is an ad hoc committee.
  • Building – The Building Committee’s function is to progress the RSOC to meet the lessor’s lease requirements, maintain security, keep the facility in good operating condition, and provide the AARC with a viable long term platform to fulfill its community service outreach in the main areas of STEM education and emergency communications.  The committee currently meets biweekly at the RSOC on Sunday afternoons at 3PM.  The next meeting is April 8th
  • Finance – The Finance Committee’s function is to provide direction for the AARC by reviewing, auditing, and overseeing the financial life of the Corporation. This committee meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7PM at RSOC. Chairperson: Keith Clarke; members Jill Heimke, Alice Baker
  • Fundraising
  • Gaming
  • Grants
  • Projects

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