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Eton FR1000 Clock Radios For Sale – AL1M

Posted 11/20/2021
Contact Michael Meade at mmeade59@msn.com [1] if interested in this equipment


2-Pair of AM/FM/GMRS/NOAA 2 Way Eton FR1000 Hand-Crank Clock Radio New Open Box $150

List Price is $139.95 each

New Open Box Qty of 2 radios and an additional 2 extra new rechargeable batteries for future use!

In addition to the factory rechargeable batteries that have never been connected and still has new battery label instructions, each Radio has an additional NIB Rechargeable Battery for a spare, which will provide for many years of use…

These Radios are new and have never been used… 

I am selling as a pair because it was always my thought that it would be best to have two of these on hand.

They would be great for family or group camping like Scouting, Church Groups etc, or for Prepping…

The following is an online review:

I liked the very approachable aesthetic and practicality of their many functions.  The FR-1000 seems to be the flagship of the FR series and is the only one that has GMRS.  Here’s a quick rundown of the FR-1000’s features:

Lots of features indeed.  Simply put, GMRS radio is used If you do have someone specific to talk with over GMRS you can use one of the 121 privacy codes to keep it amongst yourselves.  The included microphone would have let me speak to anyone out there and the microphone input jack would have let me connect a headset.  GMRS would be useful for large camping groups or communicating on construction sites and places such as tent city. 

NOAA worked better and I was able to use 1 of the 7 weather channels to locate the local weather forecast.  Reception was decent on both coasts but sometimes required my hand adjusting the antenna for true static free listening.  FM & AM radios were about the same with some attention required to get a clear signal. Top volume was loud but not too loud. The speakers never distorted when the volume was cranked and it did a fair job of permeating outside noises.

The 6 LED flashlight was very bright and the distress beacon bleeps an SOS signal in Morse Code with a red LED.  No emergencies were had but the controls reacted timely enough when I commanded them.  The siren was blaringly loud and is one of those noises you know you hate and want turned off immediately.

The FR-1000 looks very cool and you definitely want to grab it and look at it.  Design is streamlined, functions easy to use, and the knobs and buttons feel nice.  While the microphone, headphone, AC, and cell phone inputs all have rubberized seals.

Image 1 - Pair of AM/FM/GMRS/NOAA 2 Way Eton FR1000 Hand-Crank Clock Radio New Open Box