Walk and Ride for Hope

The 3rd Annual Walk for Hope – May 6, 1972 maybe first time. Hope Cottage, Inc. has requested radio communications on that day at their checkpoints.

1977 – The Walk For Hope will be coming up soon, and the director of Hope Cottage has asked the club for communications support. This is a tremendous chance to get Amateur radio before a few hundred citizens, most of who have been exposed to the CB blitz, but who are not very
familiar with what we do and the advantages we have. Stations will be needed to help at checkpoints, to assist in transport buses, and the like. You do not have to drive a bus (takes tired out walkers to the finish line) but think of the effect of having your passengers listen to the well disciplined, static and interference free, (and Autopatch) operation that will be going on. Ham radio sells itself if given the slightest chance! Ruthe Burg and Wilse Morgan are the people to contact if you are interested in assisting. It is a giant happening, and must be seen to be believed. Wilse has been sponsored by the club, and will looking for additional sponsors. One-good way to dangle the carrot is to sponsor your man for 1 cent per mile for the first several miles and then offer 20 bucks, or whatever you can, for the last mile. Gets your moneys worth.