Got STEM? Check out the Educational Program’s growth

A pillar of the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club is to provide education to our members and the community.  You are already aware of the Technician Course (you can still sign up for the next class, but hurry….registration ends Monday night so the materials can be ordered).  Did you know we are putting together a course catalog?

While it is in its infancy, look across the banner for the Education Tab.  Several of our members want to share their knowledge in a myriad of areas.  These courses are intended to meet the needs not only of amateur radio operators, but for anyone interested in hands-on learning of radio science.

Courses look to fill the needs in radio operating (did you get a Technician license and wonder what to do with it?), basic electricity (look for a DC circuits course, a series of grounding courses, AC circuits), radio wave propagation from beginner to advanced, emergency operations, and much much more.

We have been active in homeschool fairs and in the recent APHEA event we were the most active booth, Kent KL5T worked with both adults and children to understand amateur radio.

The children worked on one of the kits that will be highlighted in an upcoming course on Basic Kit-building was a big hit, along with a kit “in progress” on the table as Alan, KL1HC, engages with fair attendees.

Following that course will be an intermediate version which will include soldering and an introduction to Morse Code (you thought CW was obsolete perhaps, but experience has shown that children are quite drawn to the concept!).

If you have thoughts on a course you would like to teach, come to our committee meetings on Saturdays at 1 pm.  Check the calendar for updates frequently.

If you have been an amateur for years, this is a great way to give back.  If you are new and want to share a skill, join us!