Special QST – KL7AA Relocation

The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club Inc. is Moving!
It’s Official. The Lease is signed and we’re moving to the FCC Building!
Now the real work begins!
January 20-21 @ 0900: Clean the FCC Building at 6721 Raspberry Rd
January 27-28 @ 0900: Move EVERYTHING from 5923 Rowan to 6721 Raspberry Rd

The AARC needs your assistance! We must move everything from 5923 Rowan Street to 6721 Raspberry Road Anchorage Alaska (google map link) in Anchorage:
Clean-Up dates at 6721 Raspberry Rd are January 20 and January 21, beginning at 0900. Bring cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, etc. and your lunch/beverages.
• Move dates are January 27 & 28, beginning at 0900. If you are available weekdays let vicepresident @ kl7aa.net know. @kl5t
We must be completely out of the Rowan location by the end of January to avoid rent for two locations. A moving company has NOT been retained.
We need all members to help pack and move equipment. Bring your vehicle to help shuttle various gear and furniture from Rowan to Raspberry. Pickup trucks, Vans, trailers, SUVs, and sedans will all be of help. If you have a bad back, you will have assistance to load and unload your vehicle. You should supervise how you would like your vehicle loaded.

Relocation Details

January 20th and 21st, 2018 cleaning the FCC facility: We will commence at
6721 Raspberry Road at 0900 on Saturday and Sunday and work until we are tired!
We need:
• Cleaning supplies of all sorts for bathrooms, carpeted floors, sheetrock walls, kitchen, refrig-erator, electric stove.
• Paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, and ice melt
• Cleaning implements like vacuum cleaners (bring filters), mops, sponges, buckets, brooms, etc.
Consider donating any of these supplies to the new facility. We don’t have garbage disposal yet, if you can please haul off some trash when you leave. Also bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks.
January 27th and 28th, 2018 moving day: We plan on having teams both at Rowan packing up and Raspberry unloading, along with the freight haulers in between. Team captains will be set up to guide your efforts so it will be an efficient and fun day. We have a plan for each of the rooms and you will get to see the new site start to unfold.
Talk in or information is best suited by using the 146.94 KL7AA repeater or 146.52 simplex, and calling KL7AA for cleaning/moving teams. Updates will be sent out on the blogs, KL7AA on Twitter and @KL7AA on Facebook.
Lunch will be provided once we get a head count. Of course, donations will be accepted.
Yes, we will be working on some evenings also. Please call the club phone at 907-345-0719 and leave a message, someone will return your call.
We need a new name for the facility. It is to be repurposed as an Emergency Operating Center per our lease agreement. This includes a strong training presence, so Radio Science will be a major pillar of our mission. Do you have any ideas? Please bring them to the February 2nd general club meeting, our last meeting at the APU campus. We will make the choice shortly thereafter. By the way, this general meeting will have a couple presentations on the new facility and also fundraising topics.
There will be a special fundraising event at this February 2nd meeting as well.