Items for Sale by Bill Reiter, KL7ITI

Items for sale, 
Name:William (Bill) Reiter, 
Call: KL7ITI
Contact info: 907-240-7478,
Kenwood TS 520 HF Transceiver, W MC 50 mike, Heath Kit Station console and desk speaker $200 OBO
Dentron 2K antenna Tuner $100
Heath Kit SB610 monitor scope $25
Johnson Viking Thunderbolt linear amplifier: $200
60′ Rohn 24 (40′ installed) tower, w house bracket $500
CDE Ham 111 Rotor $25
Icom 3A/AT and 4A/AT handhelds with BC 35 drop in charger $25
I have connecting cables, additional mikes, spare 4-400A tubes (for Thunderbolt) 
Photos below…