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KL7AA E-mail Reflector

Did you know that KL7AA has an e-mail reflector? And, actually, that this reflector has been active for years? Yessiree, sure does! And it’s been managed by John, AA0NN for many moons.

What does the reflector do? Well, if you send an e-mail to it from your registered e-mail address, that message will be distributed to the 109 current subscribers on the list! It’s a great way to get info out to the group, and a great way to keep up with some of the current happenings.

Further, as a registered member of the list, you can get a list of the other registered members (well, at least those who don’t opt to conceal their identity in the options), can set the system to give you daily messages, and set a number of other options.

To join the reflector go to http://www.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/kl7aa [1]

There, you can subscribe and get started. It’s pretty simple and straight forward, but if you need help, give us a shout at info@kl7aa.org.

Thanks John for keeping the reflector going!


Kent Petty, KL5T
Vice President