KL7AA New Clubhouse Project

A new website, a new clubhouse, a new mission statement!  The AARC is starting off 2017 with lots of energy.  If you have time, talent, or treasure to share we could use your help, as this is going to be a busy year.  Get in touch with any of the officers and let us know your interests and we will be in touch.

The biggest effort will be to try and secure the new clubhouse.  That is in the early stages, but it is moving along quickly.  So stay in contact……

Field Day 2015 at the old FCC site on Raspberry Road

2 Replies to “KL7AA New Clubhouse Project”

  1. Fred Brantingham

    Just reading Army MARS has changed its’ mission and protocols. Guess it is one of those times when a major overhaul is needed. Painful, but necessary.

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