KL7GN Donates 60’ Tower System

Weather cooperated and allowed a work crew of four AARC members to take down Gordon Nightingale’s (KL7GN) 60’ of Rohn 25 tower this past Friday, August 18.  The tower supported a couple ladder line fed wire antennas, a 2-meter (we think) vertical on the mast, and a TH6 HF beam with rotor.  Gordon did a heckuva job on this tower and 4-way guying system.  It was a breeze to climb.

Yes, there are a couple monkeys up that tower!


There they are!

The work crew consisted of Dave Heimke (AL7LO) and Kent Petty (KL5T) on climbing duties, and Robert Etheridge (KM4EBZ) and Robert Haus (KL3ZS) as ground crew.  Between the gin pole, snatch block, quality rope, and a PB Blaster application to hardware a few days prior to the work, everything came apart in short order.  We started work at 0800 and were gone by noon.

Equipment getting loaded onto KL5T’s trailer for haul back to club station

The club is grateful for Gordon’s tower and antenna location and we look forward to placing it into service soon at a new location (fingers crossed)!  

If you’d like to be part of tower and antenna tear down work in the future, please contact Kent Petty, KL5T at


Kent, KL5T