March General Membership Meeting this Thursday at the RSOC

Remember, our meetings have changed to Thursday evenings at 7PM.  This will be the first ever general membership meeting at the new location at 6721 Raspberry Road.  Be careful when entering the driveway, there is a small snow berm there now from the plowing.  Once inside the gate, there is parking directly ahead of you, or you can turn right and head down to the east parking lot.

We are not planning a speaker this month, instead, we will be having an open house.  Bring yourself a folding chair if you can (we recommend the Costco version so we can stack them), and questions.  We have unloaded the Rowan site completely, and now the setup is underway.  Boxes have been opened and things are being sorted.  The operations center is looking nice and the technician shop will be starting to unfold soon.

Also, we have some excess furniture in the form of filing cabinets and metal desks.  If you have a need for those items, please be prepared to haul something off!   We have the vehicles inside now but the furniture is clogging us up.

The target is to have fundraisers and a membership drive in April.

Stay tuned, more news and happenings coming.