Amateur Radio License Test Session, Colorado Springs, CO


**** There are no exam sessions scheduled at this time.  However, click here for Remote/Custom Testing ****

VE Test Session, Colorado Springs, CO.   Pick an exam date.  See below for important details.  Your purchase registers you for the selected session. Also see below for our Remote/Custom Testing Option.

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Amateur Radio License Examinations administered by the Anchorage ARC VEC.

*** NOTICE *** – If you intend to register within 24 hours of the scheduled test date and time, you MUST contact the lead VE as listed below to confirm the testing session will indeed take place!


  • You MUST present proof payment to the VE team at the test session
  • You MUST bring a valid original GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID to present to the Volunteer Examiners at the test session.  It must be the same document you include in your session pre-registration package that will be sent to you via Docusign.
  • If you are an existing amateur radio license holder, you MUST bring a signed copy of your current license to present to the Proctor at the test session.  You should also bring copies of any applicable CSCEs.
  • Due to COVID-19 considerations, if there are numerous applicants we may communicate with you to stagger arrival times at our facility to maintain social distancing.  Additionally, ANYONE entering our TEST SITE MUST USE A FACE COVERING WHILE INSIDE until further notice.

Colorado Springs Testing

Where:  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Employment Center (Map)
4090 Center Park Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Pre-registration required?   YES – Your purchase pre-registers you
   —  Saturdays:  10:00 am
Notes:  Park in front of the building on the east side.    

Contact: Tom Oliphant (K0BUL)
Phone:   (719) 574.8925

*** NEW ***

You can ALSO request a custom examination session by choosing our REMOTE EXAMINATION SERVICE.  If you opt for this service, we can offer your examination at a convenient time at 4090 Center Park Drive with one of our team on-site.  Or, you can select a proctor of your choice (if they meet qualifications) and have your exam elsewhere, even in your own home.  If you’d like to use one of our team members, simply type “Tom Oliphant” for the Name of Proctor, “719.574.8925” for the phone number of the Proctor, and “” for the e-mail address of the proctor.  If you’d like to use your own proctor, be sure to review the minimum qualifications of proctors, and input your own proctor’s information where asked.

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