Gold Nugget Triathlon 2021

Saturday, May 15 and Sunday, May 16, 2021

Gold Nugget Triathlon

The Gold Nugget Triathlon mission is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls through athletics. It is one of the largest women’s triathlons in the US. There are changes due to COVID this year.

There is a hybrid option for the race, where you do the swim and bike portions on your own, and just do the run in person. This year, the hybrid 3.1 mile (5 K) run was scheduled to be run from Chugiak High School on Saturday. Due to things getting better, Chugiak will be holding a graduation ceremony on Saturday, so the run will be held at Bartlett High School.

The full triathlon will be held at Chugiak High School on Sunday with only 400 participants.

The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club needs volunteers to help out on both days.

Walter Yankauskas – KL7WY  Cell: 907-351-3992

Saturday, May 15 – Run at Bartlett

Hybrid 3.1 mile (5 K) run out of Bartlett High School.

The first wave start is at 9:00 a.m. Runners will go out in 30-minute waves on May 15 from 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. Individuals with a sub 7:00 minute per mile pace will go out in the first wave at 9:00 am.

It’s a rolling start. As racers enter the corral, any time in their 30 minute wave, they will, roll into and over the the start line. On Google Maps, the start line is at the corner of the Bartlett Student Parking Lot and Golden Bear Drive. The course follows Golden Bear Drive to the paved bike path. Follow the bike path to the intersection with the bike path on the West side of the Glenn Highway. Turn left and follow the bike path North on the West side of the Glenn Highway. The turnaround point is 1.55 miles from the start line, before you get to Ship Creek. It will be measured and marked.

Last runners back around 1 PM

At the turnaround, there will be a Ham Radio Volunteer.

AARC has volunteered to bicycle sweep the run course on Saturday.

Sunday, May 16 – Triathlon at Chugiak

COVID adapted triathlon. In a normal year the triathlon is limited to 1,600 racers. In 2021, the number is limited to 400.

Net Control Location

Swim starts at 9 AM, Bike, then Run. 

Snake Swim

The swim shall be a snake swim, meaning all swimmers will enter and exit the pool at the same location. The swim shall commence at the head of an end lane. Swimmers will swim up and back in that lane, then swim under the lane barrier and continue swimming up and back the next lane and so on until they come to the end of the far lane where they will exit the pool.

This race setup eliminates multiple lap counters and timers for each lane. We will have a Ham Radio Volunteer in the pool area.

Please note by limiting this event to just 400 racers we expect to be finished in the pool before 1 pm.

9 mile Bike Course

Follows the same route as the Bike For Women – Course.

Starting in the parking lot of Chugiak High School, the course begins on a slight incline to the top of South Birchwood Loop Road. Taking a right out of the parking lot, the course continues to the stop sign on Birchwood Spur. Turning left, continue about a quarter of a mile to the turn around just before the railroad tracks.

At the turnaround, there will be a rent-a-can, a bike repair station and a Ham Radio Volunteer.

The return follows the same course back to the finish line on South Birchwood Loop Road across from the parking lot entrance (by the start), not in the high school parking lot.

Bike For Women
Bike For Women – Course
Bike For Women – Course Map

Done with the bike race by 3 pm.

3.1 mile Run

The run is an out-and-back course. Runners exit the South entrance of the parking lot and head East towards the Glenn Highway on the bike path. Proceeding through the underpass, runners then turn left (North) onto the paved trail adjacent to the highway. Runners will continue on the paved trail to the turnaround.

At the turnaround there will be a rent-a-can, a table stocked with bottles of water (no touch), and a Ham Radio Volunteer. From the turnaround the racers will then head back on the same route to the finish line.

After the racers cross the finish line, they pack up their stuff and go home.

The last of the racers should be finishing up around 3 PM.

AARC has volunteered to bicycle sweep the run course on Sunday.

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Saturday – May 15 – Bartlett High School

Main VHF – AARC members 146.94 Repeater, Backup 146.67
GNT Race Committee Arcticom  
Team One Medics  
  • Net Control
  • Net to Announcer
  • With the Announcer
  • Run turnaround
  • Bike sweeps for run

Sunday – May 16 – Chugiak High School

Main VHF – AARC members 147.30 Repeater, Backup 146.67
Pool VHF – AARC members Simplex
Net Control <–> Announcer VHF – AARC members Simplex
GNT Race Committee Arcticom   
Team One  Medics  
Transition Area FRS  
  • Net Control
  • Net to Announcer
  • With the Announcer
  • Pool
  • Bike turnaround
  • Run turnaround
  • Bike sweeps for run

Walter Yankauskas – KL7WY  Cell: 907-351-3992