RSOC Ops Basement

The Ops Building basement is about 40 feet by 32 feet. Lots of 6 foot high shelving units. Divided into different zones by floor to ceiling chain link dividers. Two of them are lockable.

We inherited parts, parts bins, little jars with assorted nuts, screws and nails with the lids screwed to the bottom of the stairs, a lathe, a drill press, wires, connectors, and cables.

To connect the radios in the Ops Room to the outdoor antennas, there are holes in the floor under the consoles. The transmission cables run along the basement ceiling to the North-North-West corner of the basement. There is a conduit that runs through the wall near the antenna tower. There are also more conduits that lead out to the property north of our property. Some of the conduit is blocked off by cut off coffee cans.

Storage Shelves

Not everything down in the basement is 50 to 80 years old, but a lot of the neat stuff is.


Lenny Grijalva – KL3OG who is also an amateur machinist worked on the lathe. He cleaned it up, knew what oils and greases to use, what to adjust, what to check. It was measured for new belts, and Lenny ordered and installed them. It appears that the lathe is up and running! He also dug up some historic info. Our lathe was delivered to the War Department in 1942. The wooden 8 drawer base was not the standard base. It was custom ordered.