RSOC Vehicle Bays

The RSOC Vehicle Bays are in a building that is about 38 feet wide and 49 feet deep, about 1,900 square feet. Three bays are all in one room. The fourth vehicle bay is in a separate room and the door faces West.

The Mobile Telecommunications Vehicle (MTV).

In front of the Ford F-350, there is a raised concrete platform. On on the platform, the large blue box is a diesel powered generator. On the right side of the platform there is the top of a conduit with a few large wires sticking out. This platform is set up for emergency power. The loose wires connect into the building, and there is an exhaust port in the West wall for the diesel powered generator. Antenna racks on the far wall.

Bay 4

This is Bay 4. Photo taken from the inside corner of the Battery Lab. On the counter to the left you can see a battery being charged (see the green LED?). Near the door is our John Deere Mower. The big thing in the center of the room is our 70′ Tower/Power Trailer with the orange generator and a 70 foot mast that is raised pneumatically. On the far wall you can see antenna mast tower sections hanging on the wall.