Weatherport Shelter

Setting up the Weatherport Shelter

Pictures taken at Field Day 2017

Tools Required:

  • Socket set and/or wrenches  to lag bolt the frame to the platform
  • Step ladders
  • Dead-blow hammer
  • Push brooms

Assemble and lay out the arches.

The 4′ by 8′ panels have been laid out on the ground, and the bottom run of the frame has been lag bolted to the wood floor.

The ends go on before the main body.

This is when you need a lot of bodies.  The main canvas cover is large and heavy and sticks a little bit to the metal frame. When you throw it over the frame and then pull on it, it sticks even more to the frame.

You need to get inside and lift the cover off the frame to get it into the proper position. This is where a bunch of people with push brooms make a big difference.

Field Day 2005