We moved, now what is next?

Great, we have moved out of the Rowan site and are now located at the RSOC (the what?  The Radio Science and Operations Center, our interim name).  Now what is next and how can you help?

First, let us thank the outpouring of volunteers and their time to first clean the RSOC and then move all the gear over.  It was impressive, encouraging, and wonderful to see and have all the assistance.  We actually were ahead of our best hopes.  It was also a pleasure to meet several new members and potential members and everyone was very much appreciated.

So you ask, what is next on the agenda?  We have been busy building a schedule with the intent of having it posted soon.  The security system is now operational and the next major steps are:

  • Complete clearing out and cleaning Rowan Street so we can get our deposit back.
  • Finalize the sorting of gear in the RSOC.
    • Building the operations radio room
    • Getting on the air
    • Building up of the technician room with work stations
    • Preparing the meeting room for the March general membership meeting
    • Connecting internally with the IT system
  • Finishing the basement sorting and identifying the gear
  • Prepare for several Open House events
  • Develop Fundraisers
  • and lots more……..!!!!!

In addition, we are always soliciting for volunteers to champion events and assist us.  Right now the building committee has been stretched as we work to organize and keep your volunteer hours productive.  We want you to have an enjoyable and productive visit, and your input is requested and valuable.  This is a BIG project and we can’t do it without you.

What are we doing in the very near future?  There will be a team at the Rowan site on Wednesday February 14th to continue cleaning, with janitorial duties as the primary.  However, we also need to move some more freight over to the RSOC, do some drywall patching and cable unrouting…. This starts at 7PM.  It will continue on Saturday to pick up where we left off, starting at 0900.

What is happening at the RSOC?  Standby for a post to outline our activities there, letting you know when people will be there and what you can look forward to assisting us with.

More soon, anticipate a monthly “Tech Talks” event to be added soon where we focus on a technical area of interest to hams of all levels.  Stay tuned!