Working Wednesday – 2017-09-13

The shack will be open early for volunteers to get started:


  1. Check-in: Sniper’s Net 1800-1820 local
  2. Test HF WinLink to Fairbanks & ANMC
  3. Locate original Cushcraft A3 boom to mast plate
  4. Firmware & FUP memories update – Kenwood TM D710A
    revise FUP file with RMSM9.6k
  5. Relocate ICOM IC-910H to HF station – feedlines, Antenna, TNC
  6. Dial plan for RaspberryPi PBX
  7. Tower Rigging inventory – KL5T
  8. Revise FUP file for B2000 memories
  9. Test SCS Tracker with Kenwood TM-V71
  10. Ford F-350 Back-Rack Wiring
  11. Simulated Emergency Test (Oct 7th)
  12. Elecraft K3 Firmware update
  13. Verify KX3, KXPA100 & P3 firmware & softwate updates