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Anchorage ARC VEC Rolls out Web-based License Testing

The Anchorage ARC VEC rolled out its new web-based amateur radio examination platform this past Saturday (October 12, 2019) at the Anchorage Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC) test session.  The five lucky examinee Guinea pigs that showed for the session were very gracious and patient as the Volunteer Examiner (VE) team worked out the bugs and implemented new procedures to make this all work.

Tests were taken on five laptop computers positioned in the RSOC classroom.  Each examinee was provided with login credentials which they could use on any of the computers available.  Every examination generated by the testing platform is unique, so no two tests are ever alike.  Once an examination is started, the examinee’s test screen is locked into the test until it is completed.  Results are immediately and automatically graded and available to the VE team.

Kent Petty (KL5T) and Brandin Hess (WB1BR, VEC Chairman) have worked for the past three months to identify, select, and develop this web-based option.  In addition to simplifying distribution of test materials and the on-site VE team testing process, we believe this platform will also improve our remote testing program.  Not only can the tests be rendered on computers, but they can also be completed on tablets and even cellular telephones.

We hope to roll this platform out to other testing sites soon. VE teams keep your eyes and ears open for further news.


Kent, KL5T