California Mother and Son Have Kind Words for Anchorage ARC VEC

By Kent Petty (KL5T)

I thought it might be nice to share some wonderful comments from one of our new hams, Lynn Lewis, KN6JVC.  She and her son Grant used our remote testing service on Saturday, July 11, 2020 from Marina, California to take their examinations.  Mom, Lynn, scored and landed her Technician license, while son Grant piled up a double whammy by passing both the Technician and General exams.  Grant is now the happy owner of his very own General Class license, KN6JVD. 

Since the exam was held on a Saturday, the pair had to anxiously await for the beloved FCC action to take place on Monday morning, about 8:00 AM Eastern Time…..when their licenses were actually granted.

Here are Lynn’s kind comments:

Thank you Mr. Petty for calling today and making sure Grant got his call sign. He was up and out of bed at 6 am checking the website. He normally doesn’t get out of bed like that so it shows how excited he is to be like his grandpa (my dad) and able to use his radios. Thank you again to you and your group for allowing us to take the exams on-line. Last month, we traveled over 3 hours to take the exam at a site that said it took walk-ins, but the VE didn’t show. There were several, including us, who left that day frustrated. But now we have licenses and it was easy to take the exams thanks to your group!


Lynn Lewis, KN6JVC

VEs for this remote session were Lara Baker (AL2R – Anchorage, AK), Pete Steele (K0VJD – Colorado Springs, CO), Mark Jensen (WA6MVT – Colorado Springs, CO), Kent Petty- (KL5T – Eagle River, AK), and Drew Peterson (N0DAP – Colorado Springs, CO).  Lt Commander Evan Bloxham, USN, was our on-site proctor; thank you sir!.

Thank you Lynn for the kind words and allowing the Anchorage ARC VEC share in this wonderful experience.


Kent Petty, KL5T
Anchorage ARC VEC