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AARC 2021 Election Committee Report

Anchorage Amateur Radio Club
Election Committee Report

The 2020 AARC Election committee is comprised of TJ Sheffield KL7TS (Chair), Kent Petty KL5T, Keith Clark KL7MM and Lara Baker AL2R. This notification is required by the AARC Rules of Procedure (ROP) and the election will be held in accordance with the ROP and the AARC Bylaws.

The positions up for election are:

Vice President – Incumbent T.J. Sheffield KL7TS
Treasurer – incumbent Kent Petty KL5T
Director – Incumbent Keith Clark KL7MM
Director – Incumbent John Lime Kl4OF
Director – incumbent Kevin Opalka KL1V

As the August 2021 membership meeting did not have a quorum to conduct business, the Election Committee will provide the normal August election procedures in the Newsletter to be distributed prior to the September Membership meeting.

The election procedure (from the AARC ROP) for the election is as follows (Note: With the Covid-19 situation, the election procedure was modified at the August AARC Board meeting in accordance with Section C without objection).


Section A:


As specified in the Bylaws, Election of Corporation Directors and Officers shall be conducted as determined by the Board of Directors.  If the Board of Directors does not determine any other procedure, the Election shall be done as stated in the remaining Sections of this Paragraph.
Section B:


Election of Corporation Officers and Directors shall be by secret ballot.
Section C: Nominations, election procedures, and timing of the elections shall be as follows, unless a different procedure for use that year is approved by the Board of Directors:
Time Event Action
July Board Meeting Elections Committee appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. Complete 08/17/2021
August Member Meeting Elections Committee announced to Membership. Committee Chairperson addresses members on procedures and timetable. As there was not a quorum, this will be done via the AARC Newsletter.
September Member Meeting Elections Committee presents slate of candidates. Additional Nominations accepted from the floor. After receipt of additional Nominations, if any, Nominations will be closed.
October Ballot The Secretary shall prepare and distribute, by mail, or otherwise, one ballot to elect directors to each eligible member as defined in the Bylaws, on or before October 1st. Ballots must be returned to arrive by October 31st. The AARC Board has, in accordance with Section C, determined that, if required, a method of conducting an electronic ballot will be utilized.
November Member Meeting Prior to the meeting, the Election Committee shall count ballots and determine the results of the election. In the event of a tie, the winner shall be determined by a coin toss. At the meeting, the Chairperson of the Elections Committee shall announce the new Directors.
November Board Meeting Newly Elected Directors attend Board meeting as non-voting Members.
January 1 Board Meeting Newly Elected Directors and Officers take office.


Section D:  Election of Directors shall be by majority vote of members voting.

Section E:  Only Alaska residents who are members in good standing as of the close of the September Member Meeting shall vote.  The Membership Chairperson shall notify the Secretary prior to October 1 of the members eligible to vote.

Section F: Only ballots received by October 31st shall be counted.  Ballots shall be delivered to the Secretary, by mail or otherwise, and submitted by the Secretary to the Elections Committee.

Section G: No member may be nominated unless he or she has agreed to serve in that capacity, if elected.