AARC Election Committee News

The AARC Board will present a slate of Officers and Directors at the September Membership Meeting to be considered for the annual election. At the September meeting, additional nominations may be made for the open positions which are: AARC President, AARC Secretary, and three Directors. If the presented slate is not opposed, the 2018 election will be considered complete and an election will not be held. If additional nominations are made, the election will be held at the October Membership meeting by a show of hands vote.

Those members unable to attend the October membership meeting may request a return call prior to the October Membership meeting by two AARC Board members who will call the member to receive their vote. To request a call to cast their vote, an AARC member can contact the Secretary at or phone/text to (907)231-9155.

The AARC Board also has 1 current vacancy and 1 upcoming vacancy.  Each of these positions is required to be filled through the appointment process. A Director seat is currently vacant with a term ending on 12/31/2010.  The Treasurer position will be vacant on 1/1/19 with the term running through 12/31/2019. Please contact any Board member to express interest and be considered for these positions.

Richard Tweet, KL2AZ