Alaska Section Manager Election

There are two candidates running for the ARRL Alaska Section Manager position.  If you are a League member, you’ve probably already received your ballot.  We are posting each candidate’s election statement here for your review and consideration.  I simply flipped a coin to see which candidate would be presented first in the text that follows.  I’m not including photos as I don’t have a good image of either candidate.

Please be sure to take the time to mark your ballot and send it back to the League so that they are received by November 2019.

Statements from the Candidates as provided to the ARRL:

Lara Baker, AL2R

We are all aware that we live in a rapidly changing world.  Change in Amateur Radio is accelerating inexorably, thus creating both opportunities and problems.  We are in the midst of moving from an entirely analog world into a mixed environment with rapidly growing digital opportunities, and as the average age of ARRL members increases, we must entice younger people into the HAM world. 

Obviously, the Alaska Section is unique in many ways, including the uncharacteristic distances between population centers, the minimal number of larger population clusters, the fragility of communications, and the difficulties of transport.  As a result, the whole state is especially vulnerable to both man-made and natural threats.  As Amateur Radio operators, we have to be ready to respond to the consequences of someone – or something – actualizing these threats. 

I spent over 40 years working in the US National Security and Intelligence Communities.  As part of those jobs, I had to evaluate, secure, and revitalize many communications systems.  My experience writing and implementing national-security policies has given me a significant insight into dealing with national-level bureaucracies as well as dealing with local and regional organizations.  My breadth of experience will enable me to help all Alaska Section ARRL members to make our hobby grow and thrive.  My experience as Board Member and President of the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club has allowed many and varied interactions with the broad Alaskan Amateur Radio community and has given me a good understanding of the needs of Alaskan ARRL members. 

I would appreciate your vote for Alaska Section Manager in September, 2019.

David Stevens, KL7EB

David Stevens, KL7EB, extra class Amateur and 40 plus years a Life Member of American Relay Radio League. There are 3784 amateurs in Alaska, and 1934 are Technician class. I would like to see more upgrades. Expand privilege for Technician on Digital HF is so they can by more helpful in emergency and ARES. I will promote contesting, and DXing. I want Alaska’s to put Islands On Air (IO A), Moon bounce, and other diverse parts of out hobby. I would like to see more WAS (Worked All States), 10-10 awards, and High Altitude Balloon lunches.

I am glad for the ARES training. But we need Amateurs with FAA 107 license for Drone camera operators, to help in case of emergency such as forest fires or earthquakes. We need more Radio Science Operating Center like Anchorages around the state. Some of my greatest trills was each time I helped a disabled ham fix his tower and high SWR. The smile on their faces is still priceless.

As section manager in 1984 I saw expanded voice privileges on HF thanks to support of Juneau hams.  Later the FCC turned primary monitoring over to amateurs, as well as started Voluntarily Examining program. I was Iditarod Chief of communications with the 2003 restart in Fairbanks I am excited to help amateur radio into the next generation. Please share your concerns and desires so I can help. Please vote for David Stevens, is a vote for your future.