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Hot News About Fred Meyer Community Rewards

We received our donation from the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program recently. It covers the period from 10-1/2017 through 12/31/2017 and is a donation to us for $36.68. This is very nice and great news. The other news is that this was generated with JUST 7 families participating.

Doing some simple math, and assuming that the payout would be fairly consistent, one could easily calculate the probable payout for higher levels of participation:

50 families = $262.00

100 families = $524.00

150 families = $786.00

200 families = $1,048.00

250 families = $1,310.00

300 families = $1,572.00

I’d ask that you all, please, personally become participating members in the program, and to please ask all your friends and our club members to participate.   Here’s a link with more info about the program:

Fred Meyer Community Rewards [1]

 If you need help getting set up, I’ll be happy to assist.  Simply contact me at vicepresident @ kl7aa.net.

Thanks and 73,

Kent, KL5T