Grubstake Wide Area Repeaters About to be Shut Down

Did you know that the Grubstake wide area repeaters are about to be shut down unless a funding source is identified?  The Grubstake site is host to our linked 147.33/93 and 443.9 / 448.9 repeaters.

By 3/31/2019, the Grubstake wide area repeaters will be shut down due to financial constraints.  In addition to the monthly rental charges, there is a premium charge for getting to the repeater site by helicopter when things go wrong or simply for annual inspection and maintenance.

In early 2018, the AARC Board of Directors determined that continued operation of the repeaters was not feasible.  Even though the Club managed to negotiate a more favorable rental rate, the fees were too great for the club to sustain and the Board voted to cease operation of the facility.

However, two AARC board members stepped up and generously agreed to personally fund the repeaters for an additional six months or so.  The funds from those donations are about to expire, and the club’s fiscal situation has not changed.  There are no additional funds available to keep the repeaters alive.

As many of our members may know, these repeaters serve a very, very wide area. From far north in the Mat-Su Valley, to the Anchorage bowl, and even to the Kenai Peninsula, they serve us well.  They are important for general ham service, but more importantly, they play a critical role from an emergency communications perspective.  The weekly ARES net is even held on 147.33/83 repeater.  If the repeaters are “turned off”, there’s no guarantee that they will be, or even can be, turned back on.

We ask for your support to keep the repeaters alive.  We need on average about $2,300 per year to operate these repeater systems.  So, if you believe these repeaters should be funded and kept alive, we ask you to contribute to help the effort.  We also urge you to contact your friends and neighbors, hams and non-hams alike to help.  To donate, simply go to  Alternatively, send an email to about your willingness to help and we can make other arrangements.

The AARC Board was not happy to make this decision; however, fiscal realities drive our existence.  Only with your help can these repeaters be kept online.

Thanks for your consideration.


Kent Petty, KL5T
Vice President

Update – March 3, 2019

You can view more information about the Grubstake repeater and the extent to which funding is available for its continued support at the Grubstake repeater page.