AARC/RSOC Garage Sale

Items for sale by the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club. Items that can fit into a flat rate USPS shipping box are eligible for shipping and are marked as "Flat Rate". All items are available for local pickup at the Radio Science and Operations Center on Wednesdays, from 0700 - 1100 Alaska time. Items that are unable to be packaged in a flat rate USPS shipping box at labeled as "Custom" and can indeed be shipped, but arrangements must be made. Before being shipped, the purchaser will be sent an invoice for shipping which must be paid before the item is actually shipped.



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CategoryBrandModel/Part NoTagStatusAdd'l InfoPriceShipping
AntennaShakespeareStyle 390-12109031333New1KW Maritime Vertical, 23', 2 piece$100Custom
Antenna, Mag MountMFJMFJ-17282108271313Used2M/6M mag mount$20Custom
CB with Power SupplyMidland23 Channel / Model 18-8022108301713UsedCB with power supply. No microphone.$25Flat Rate
ChargerKenwoodKSC-25SN/ANew in boxNew, never used$30Flat Rate
CW KeyerNye VikingSSK-1-K2108240945Used$40Flat Rate
CW Keyer/TrainerMFJMFJ-5572108241043UsedCW Keyer/Oscillator/Trainer$30Flat Rate
Dart Board, BristleNAPA18 in2108301720New in Box18in x 1-1/2in. Official size. With darts$10Custom
Dummy LoadDrake1551 / DL10002108240950Used1 kW dummy load with cooling fan$40Custom
Dummy LoadMFJMFJ-2622108240951Used1 kW dummy load$50Custom
Field Strength/SWR MeterMicrontaModel 21-525B2108261606UsedField Strength / SWR Meter$15Flat Rate
FilterAvantiAV-8002108241006UsedLow Pass Filter, 1 kW$30Flat Rate
HeadsetPilot AvionicsPilot PA 11-40 / PA-52108241014UsedAviation headsets with microphone$60Flat Rate
MicrophoneKenwoodDynamic Microphone from TS-430S2108241009UsedHand held, 600 ohm$15Flat Rate
Microphone, CBUnidenFrom Pro 510XL 2108301715UsedMic from Uniden Pro 510XL CB$5Flat Rate
Mobile Mount, NMOMaxradBMAPL2109021600New in packageNMO mount, 17' of RG58U$14Flat Rate
Phone Patch ControllerKenwoodPC-12108241040UsedPhone Patch Controller$30Flat Rate
ScannerRealisticPRO-2006, Model No 20-145A2108271254UsedIncludes user manual$20Flat Rate
ScannerRealisticPRO-2020, Model No: 20-1122108271309Used$20Custom
SWR/Power MeterMidlandModel 23-1382109031344Used3-Function Transceiver Test meter$20Flat Rate
Transceiver, CBMidlandRoad Max, Model 77-1602108241037Used$20Flat Rate
Transceiver, CBRadio ShackTRC-520, Cat No. 21-7102108271245Used$20Flat Rate
Transceiver, HFIcomIC-M7002108271259UsedHF Single Sideband Transceiver, Covers 1.6 - 22.9999 MHz.$375Custom
Transceiver, HF/VHFIcomIC-7462108241046UsedHF, 6 meters, 2 meters, base station$800Custom
Transceiver, VHF/UHF, MobileAlincoDR-605T2108271324, 2108271334UsedLightly used in box$200Flat Rate
Transceiver, VHF/UHF, MobileAlincoDR-635T2108261614, 2108271334UsedVHF/UHF Transceiver$150Flat Rate
Transceiver, VHF/UHF, MobileYaesuFT-8100R2108261610UsedVHF/UHF Transceiver$200Flat Rate
Tuner/CouplerDentronJr Monitor2109031319UsedRated at 300 watts. Electronic manual included$75Flat Rate
Tuner/CouplerMFJMFJ-941E2108241025UsedVersa Tuner II$60Flat Rate
Tuner/CouplerMFJMFJ-945E2108240944UsedMobile Tuner$90Flat Rate
Tuner/CouplerMFJMFJ-949D2108241029UsedDeluxe Versa Tuner II$60Flat Rate