Sites and Equipment

This purpose of this page is to present information about sites and/or equipment that the AARC owns, manages, or significantly supports.  It will be a work in progress, so expect to see this grow over time.  The table that follows will have links to describe each of these assets or locations.


Kent, KL5T

AARC Club StationSite Summit
GrubstakeGlen Alps
AL4G's Hillside ResidenceKL7QN Residence - Anchorage Hillside
EARS Club StationProvidence Medical Center
Alaska Native Medical Center - HospitalAlaska Native Medical Center - Tuttle Warehouse
Anchorage Emergency Operations CenterState of Alaska Emergency Operations Center
Alaska Regional Hospital - Future SiteBlood Bank of Alaska
Weatherport ShelterAnchorage Senior Center
Anchorage Pioneer HomeKL7SB Residence