Club Station Licenses

The Anchorage ARC VEC has been approved as an authorized Club Station Call Sign Administrator (i.e. CSCSA) by the Federal Communications Commission.

A club station license allows members of an amateur radio club to have a station operating under a club call sign. The license is granted only to the trustee of the club. It conveys no operating privileges.

To be granted a club station license, a club must have:

  •   A name
  •   A document of organization
  •   Management
  •   A primary purpose devoted to amateur service activities consistent with the FCC Rules
  •   At least four persons
  •   A license trustee designated by an officer of the club
  •   Trustee must hold an amateur service operator license grant. (See Section 97.5(b)(2) of the FCC Rules)

A club may apply for a club station license grant by filing with a Club Station Call Sign Administrator (CSCSA), an amateur radio organization that has agreed to provide voluntary, uncompensated and unreimbursed services for processing applications. If you are an amateur radio operator and would like to obtain a club station license, please download a copy of our 605-C form, complete the application, attach your club documentation and send to one of the following:

By Mail:
Anchorage ARC VEC
P. O. Box 190192
Anchorage, AK 99519

By E-Mail:

We are currently working on putting this together in the form of a DocuSign package, which allows the applicant to complete everything electronically.  Interested individuals who are wanting to utilize this option should contact us by email directly.

Form 605-C (pdf format)