Club Station Licenses

The Anchorage ARC VEC is an authorized Club Station Call Sign Administrator (CSCSA) as designated by the Federal Communications Commission.  A CSCSA is an amateur radio organization that has agreed to provide voluntary, uncompensated, and unreimbursed services for processing applications.

A club station license allows members of an amateur radio club to have a station operating under a club call sign. The license is granted only to the trustee of the club. It conveys no operating privileges.

To be granted a club station license, a club must have:

  •   A name
  •   A document of organization (constitution)
  •   Management (officers)
  •   A primary purpose devoted to amateur service activities consistent with the FCC Rules
  •   At least four persons (members, can include officers)
  •   A license trustee designated by an officer of the club
  •   Trustee must hold an amateur service operator license grant. (See Section 97.5(b)(2) of the FCC Rules)

A club may apply for a club station license grant by filing with a CSCSA.

How to apply (new license, remove license, contact information changes, Trustee changes, etc.):

Make sure you have electronic copies of the following documents.  You will be required to submit them to us as part of this process:

  1. Your club’s organizing document.  Typically, this will be your constitution.
  2. A copy of recent board of director’s meeting minutes which identifies your club officers and specifically identifies your club Trustee.

If you have these documents, CLICK HERE to fill out an online form that will result in us sending you an electronic form 605-C.  The electronic 605-C will be coordinated between your named Trustee and your Authorizing club official.  Once the completed 605-C is received by us, we will submit your request to the FCC.