South Central Simplex Net

Net Manager:  TJ Sheffield, KL7TS

The South-Central Simplex Net (SCSN) is held every Wednesday at 7:00PM, local Alaska time.  The purpose of the Net is to test equipment, encourage station and operator capability upgrades, and to utilize the frequencies available to the Amateur Radio Service.

Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (AARC) involvement with the SCSN began in June, 2020 when long-time host and Net founder John Lynn, KL7CY, with assistance from Craig Bledsoe, KL7H suggested the AARC take over operations.

The original Net date and time, on Tuesday at 8:00PM, was changed to Wednesdays at 7:00PM to reduce schedule conflicts among operators.

During the initial COVID-19 outbreak, the Net was run by a distributed group of Net Control Stations (NCS) from their home stations.

At present, the Net originates from the Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC) with a “skeleton crew” of two operators:  Club President Richard Tweet, KL2AZ and Club Vice President TJ Sheffield, KL7TS.  In addition, distributed NCS operators continue to be utilized and are much appreciated.

A spreadsheet reflecting Net participation is available.

The SCSN opens on 146.52 MHz, but changes frequencies and modes as the net progresses.  The Net returns to 146.52 MHz after each band / mode excursion.

The Net operates in the following sequence (as of May 17, 2022):

146.520 MHz FM

144.200 MHz USB

145.670 MHz D-Star

446.000 MHz FM (alternative frequency being investigated)

432.200 MHz USB

441.000 MHz D-Star

1294.5 MHz FM

1296.1 MHz USB

1294.3 MHz D-Star

223.5 MHz FM

52.525 MHz FM

50.125 MHz USB

29.600 MHz FM

28.400 MHz USB

29.075 MHz AM

27.035 MHz USB (CB Channel 07)

927.500 MHz FM

144.390 MHz FM (APRS check-ins at any time during the Net)

Packet Radio check-ins on the Eagle and Valley nodes are recognized.