Southcentral VHF/UHF Voice Repeaters

The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club supports a network of voice repeaters in Southcentral Alaska. The club’s VHF/UHF Committee is responsible for installation, maintenance, and operation of the system. The AARC Voice Repeater network is open to any properly licensed amateur radio operator.

NOTE: IRLP is not permitted on AARC-owned repeater systems.

These are the primary Southcentral area coordinated voice repeaters currently in operation:

South Central Alaska Repeaters

146.94 -103.5KL7AAAnchorage to Wasilla, Nikiski, Sterling. Located near Flat Top Mtn.Up
224.94 -NoneKL7AAAnchorage to Wasilla, Nikiski, Sterling, Located near Flat Top Mtn.Down
444.70 +103.5KL7AAAnchorage to Wasilla, Nikiski, Sterling, Located near Flat Top Mtn.Up
444.20+NoneKL7AADMR - Color Code: 1
TS1 - Open for any BM dynamic talk group.
TS2 - AK Statewide (3102) and Anchorage (311181) Full Time.
Please do not activate any other talk groups on time slot 2.

Not linked to any reflector by default. Access to all reflectors and XLX modules is permitted.
Anchorage to Wasilla, Nikiski, Sterling, Located near Flat Top Mtn.Up
147.33 +103.5WL7CVGCross-banded to 443.900Very wide Area **
Grubstake Mtn. north of Wasilla and Palmer
443.90 +103.5WL7CVGCross-banded to 147.33Very wide Area **
Grubstake Mtn. north of Wasilla and Palmer
146.67 -103.5KL7AIREnc/DecAnchorage & Glenn Highway NorthUp
146.88 -NoneAL7LEPhone PatchKenai & SoldotnaUp
147.30 +141.3KL7IONVery Wide Area
Mt. Gordon Lyon / Site Summit
146.85 -103.5KL7JFUEnc/DecMatSu ValleyUp
147.30 +100WL7CVVValdezUp

Updated as of 1/24/2022

On repeaters with autopatch capability, emergency communications is immediately available by entering “*911”.

Full listing of Alaska Coordinated Repeaters

Decommissioned: Mount Susitna Repeater

AARC Newsletter Mar 2005

In 2005 a local TV station, KYES Channel 5 owned and operated a TV translator atop Mt. Susitna, where the WL7CVG repeater was located. The station owner, Jeremy Lansman had graciously allowed the Anchorage club to mount their repeater antennas on the KYES tower.

This was the WL7CVG site. The repeater antenna is on the tower to the right side of the picture. The repeater itself is in the Quonset hut behind the antenna. In a typical winter, the snow will get to a depth of 15 feet or more, sometimes completely covering the building. Elevation is 4,400 Ft AMSL. The repeater antennas are Diamond X-50N dual band models, with custom built cradle mounts, and are fed with Andrew 7/8” FHJ5-50 Heliax cable. The antennas can survive in 200 MPH winds while carrying as much as 5” of ice.

This is the WL7CVG repeater itself, a cross-linked dual band unit operating on both VHF 147.270+ and UHF 443.300+, with main & standby hardware for both bands. The repeaters are Kenwood TKR series commercial units, with Pacific Research controllers and TX-RX Systems duplexers and combiners. The system is owned by the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club, KL7AA.