AARC Frequency Utilization Plan (FUP)

Many members, especially new members to the area, often ask about frequency usage here in Anchorage.  They are typically most interested 2-meters and 440 MHz FM.  The club has been using and updating a Frequency Utilization Plan, or “FUP”, for quite some time to help us standardize operations and even memory assignments on our radios.  This plan is based on the Southeast Repeater Association (SERA) band plans.  

Our current FUP for 2-meters and 440 MHz is identified as “FUP 0” and is available here as an Excel file and as a PDF (see the links below).  Please note that in no way or form are we suggesting that this setup MUST be used by anyone; it is simply a guide we follow as a club (especially for local EMCOMM work) and have found it useful to help keep things organized in our area.  If there are obvious errors noted, please let us know.

Current 2-Meter / 440 MHz FUP
Excel Format
PDF Format