What does it cost to test?

All examinations administered with the Anchorage ARC VEC now cost $15.00 whether it is in-person or remote.  The fee allows the applicant to take as many examinations as possible and practical at any one session; it is not valid for multiple sessions. You must present your receipt to the Volunteer Examiner Team when you arrive at the examination location prior to being permitted to test.

The fees are intended to cover the costs of operating the Anchorage ARC VEC program.  Fees must be paid for on this website via PayPal or Credit Card.  Volunteer Examiners are not permitted to accept direct cash or check payments to allow you to test.  However, if a smartphone or computer is available on site, you are free to pay for the session real-time on-premises through the site.

If you pay for a session in real time at a testing session location, please make sure you are able to obtain a printed copy for the VE team to submit with the session paperwork.

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