What does it cost to get my license?

There are two fees associated with licensing testing.  One fee is paid to the FCC, the other fee is paid to the Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) who administers your examination.


Effective on April 19, 2022, the FCC now charges a $35 licensing fee for all new amateur licenses, renewals of existing licenses, and for vanity callsign applications.  The FCC fee is paid AFTER you test and after they have received your application from a VEC.   You pay this fee only if you pass an examination, renew your existing license, or apply for a vanity callsign.  You will receive an e-mail from the FCC after they have received and processed your application from a VEC.  You have 10 days to pay the fee, after which your application is set aside and will not be processed. Go here to get more details on this process.


Anchorgage ARC VEC Fee

All examinations administered with the Anchorage ARC VEC now cost $15.00 whether it is in-person or remote.  The fee allows the applicant to take as many examinations as possible and practical at any one session; it is not valid for multiple sessions. You must present your receipt to the Volunteer Examiner Team when you arrive at the examination location prior to being permitted to test.

The fees are intended to cover the costs of operating the Anchorage ARC VEC program.  Fees must be paid for on this website via PayPal or Credit Card.  Volunteer Examiners are not permitted to accept direct cash or check payments to allow you to test.  However, if a smartphone or computer is available on site, you are free to pay for the session in real-time on-premises through the site.

NOTE:  If you are a “no show” for an exam, whether in-person or remote, your fee is “expended”.  If you wish to schedule for another exam session, you will indeed need to pay another registration fee.  Exceptions can be made under severe circumstances.  If you know you won’t make it to a session, you must make contact with us to “reschedule”.  The easy way to do this is to visit our rescheduling page (click here to reschedule). 


FCC Application Resubmission Fee

We can resubmit applications to the FCC that have been “set aside” or “dismissed” for failure to pay the $35 FCC license application fee within 10-days of FCC receipt of the application, failure to submit the required information to the FCC is answering “Yes” to the Basic Qualification Question within 14 days, or for similar reasons.  There is a $15 administration fee for this service.  If you need this service, do 1 of the following:


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