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Contributions made through this page will directly support ongoing operational costs of the Grubstake repeater site.

Site rent is $150 per month.  The repeater is currently funded through June 2021.

If you so choose, you can request to be publicly recognized for your contribution to keep the Grubstake repeater online and your name will appear in the list below.

Mark K Allan
Chip Andrews
Donald Bush
Susan Canfield
Keith Clark
Adam R Corneliussen
Vernon Dotson
Stephen Geddes
Jacquelyn Cozette Green
William J Grimes
William Harris
James Jenckes
Ron Keech
Robert and Tena Lewellen
Shelly McCormick
James Neans
Tyler D Nicholas
Christopher Nugent
John Orella
Kent Petty
Sally Pollen
Carol Ryan
TJ Sheffield
Richard Tweet
Jen VanEttinger
David Webb
Brian J Wotring
James T York
Thanks so much to these folks for helping to keep the Grubstake Repeater on the air!

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