This page list local, regional, and international nets that might be of interest.  Let us know if these tables need changes, additions, or deletions by contacting Thanks.

VHF, 220 MHz, UHF Nets

Net NameDay(s)TimeFreq(s)Mode(s)Website
ERC NetSunday1930LRepeater, 147.330 MHz, +, tone 103.5FM
Parka NetThursday1900LRepeater, 147.300, +, tone 141.3FM
ARES NetThursday2000LRepeater, 147.330 MHz, +, tone 103.5FM
Moosehorn Amateur Radio Club NetSunday1830LRepeater, 146.880 MHz -, no toneFM
South Central Simplex Net *Wednesday1900LStarts on 146.52 FM, then operates on various 2 meter, 440, 6 meter, 220 MHz, 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz, 10 meter, and even 60 meter freqs and modes. The lineup varies. FM, USB, AM, Packet, APRS
This is a list of VHF, 220 MHz, UHF nets that might be of interest for amateurs in our area.

* Net Control for the South Central Simplex Net is run out of the Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC). Five operating positions are used to cover all of the bands and modes used on the net. This means that we need operators to man these positions. It's a great opportunity, especially for newer hams, to get real hands-on experience on various equipment and modes. If you are willing to assist, please drop a note to to volunteer.

HF Nets of Interest

Net NameDay(s)TimeFreq(s)Mode(s)Website
Alaska CW NetAll24/73.940 MHz, 7.113 MHz, 14.115 MHzCWNone
Alaska Pacific Emergency Preparedness NetM-F0830L14.292 MHzUSB
Alaska Snipers NetAll1800L3.920 MHzLSB
Alaska Bush NetAll1900L7.093 MHzLSBNone?
Alaska ERC NetSunday2030L3.880 MHzLSBNone?
Alaska Motley NetAll2100L3.933 MHzLSBNone?
Pacific Seafarers NetAll0300Z - 1800 AST / 1900 ADT 14.300 MHzUSB
This is a list of HF nets that might be of interest for amateurs in our area.