Our Supporters

We profoundly thank all those who support the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (AARC) and the Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC). The following individuals and organizations have donated directly to the AARC/RSOC Since January 1, 2019 at either Technician Level, General Level, or Extra Level.

Technician Class Level: $1 – $99
General Class Level: $100 – $499
Extra Class Level: $500 or more

Note:  Donation levels are a nod to the three current license classes available in the United States Amateur Radio Service.  Technician Cclass is entry-level, General Class offers significant additional operating privileges, and Extra Class offers full operating privileges.  Licenses are earned by passing progressively difficult written examinations.

Extra Class Level Contributors:
Alaska Community Foundation
Alaska State Employees Share Campaign
Alaska Tire & Rim – C
Anchorage Running Club
Bury, John C
Cannon, Eric C
Clark, Keith
ConocoPhillips Charitable Investments
Dotson III, Vernon J
Fred Meyer Community Rewards
Lime III, John L
Maritime Information Systems
Moosehorn Amateur Radio Club
Network for Good
Nicholas, Tyler D
North Pole Contest Group
PayPal Giving Fund
Petty, Larry K
Raymond James Charitable
Richard L and Diane M Block Foundation
Sheffield, TJ
TechSoup Global
The Carr Foundation
Tweet, Richard
Webb, David W

General Class Level Contributors:
Abbott, Allen L
Amazon Smile
Andrews, Leonard
Baker, Lara
Bloom, Stephen H
Bush, Donald E
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
Eastman, Cornelius J
Grijalva, Lenny
Grimes, William J
Holy Rosary Academy
Hurd, Austin
Kotsch, Richard
Lewellen, Robert I
Mayfield, Donese
Meskotech Inc
Mothe, Corbett R
Notte, Mathew M
Nugent, Christopher P
Odden, Tamara
Opalka, Kevin
Orella, John D
Pollen, Sally M
Schoenecker, Morgan M
Schwaderer, Barbara
Simpson, Brett H
Stevens, Dennis
Thompson, Darrius
Tucker, Edwin
VanEttinger, Jen
Vilagi, John R
Wilkinson, George
Wilson, Tylor
Wolgemuth, Jim

Technician Class Level Contributors:
Allan, Mark K
Atwood, Sid
Bigley, Kenneth
Boling, Will
Booth, Bennie
Canfield, Susan
Chadwick, William
Corneliussen, Adam R
Downs, Wayne
Doyle, Claudia
Dubois, William
Friend, Louis
Frost, Scott
Gandy, Dana
Geddes, Stephen
Gillin, Rich
Gordon West’s Radio School Inc
Green, Jacquelyn Cozette
Harris, William
Hay, Deb
Hefner, Keith
Lasseter, Joyce
Lilly, Michael J
Mabry, Gregory
Martin, James R
Marvin, Lillian
McCormick, Shelly M
Mesits, Boris
Meskouri, Mohamed
Miller, Peter M
Morley, Devin
Neans, James
Nolte, John M
Ostrander, Matthieu
Pellessier, Richard
Pelton, Dennis
Ramirez, Eric
Rasmussen, Justin
Rothberg, Karen
Ryan, Carol A
Svinicki, Jerome
Walker, Karen M
White, Michael W
Wotring, Brian J.
Yellowstone Amateur Radio Club
York, James T