VE Teams

The list below shows VE teams that have been established and approved by the Anchorage ARC VEC and deemed eligible to sponsor new VE’s in their respective areas:

Name of VE TeamCityStateName of Lead VETelephone Number
Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (AARC)AnchorageAKKent Petty, KL5T(907) 632-3963
Aroostook County VE Team (AARC)CaribouMEGeorge Hurteau, KC1KUP(207) 694-5441
Sitka Ham Amateur Radio Klub (SHARK)SitkaAKDarryl Ault (AL7BW)(907) 738-4539
Sun Mountain Amateur Radio Alliance (SMARA)Colorado SpringsCOTom Oliphant (K0BUL)(719) 574-8925
Upper Tennessee Amateur Radio Group (UTARG)SunbrightTNMatt Reed, KN4YKN(423) 627-7263