Remote Testing

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Remote Testing Update – July 1st, 2020


We have expanded our remote examination program services to those who have found license examination opportunities shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis.  Remote testing is available to any eligible person worldwide authorized to receive a United States amateur radio operator license.  International applicants must provide a valid mailing address in the United States to receive an amateur radio license from the Federal Communications Commission.  We are receiving a high number of requests to take remote examinations due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

PROCTORS ARE REQUIRED:  We require a proctor, identified by the examinee and approved by the Anchorage ARC VEC, to be physically present at the test site for the duration of the examination session.  A proctor candidate must be identified, typically in the initial application or during the examinee’s application process if something changes. The proctor helps us verify the identity of the examinee and makes sure that the portion of the examination area not covered by the camera is absent of any unauthorized materials.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PROCTORS: Amateurs holding Novice and Technician class licenses are NOT eligible to act as proctors through the Anchorage ARC VEC. If the potential proctor holds a General, Advanced or Amateur Extra class license they simply need to complete a proctor application/agreement where they will also attach an ink-signed copy of their OFFICIAL amateur radio license as well as a valid government-issued photo ID.

need a computer with an internet connection, web camera, and microphone (laptops are best).  No ipads, tablets, or smartphones.  You MUST use Google Chrome as your web browser.
 You must be prepared to receive an e-mail at test time.  You may use a simple calculator, but NOT the calculator on your telephone or computer.  You take your examination on our computer-based testing platform you access with Google Chrome.  The testing platform ALSO captures video and audio of you, the examinee, for the entire session.  You are watched “live” by our VE team; however, the video/audio component is also recorded and is part of the testing record.

PROCTORS need a telephone with speaker capability.  Cellular telephones are best because it’s typically pretty easy to turn the “speaker” on and off.

COST:  The cost for a remote examination session is $15.50.  Once your proctor is approved, we will send you an invoice via e-mail that is easily paid by clicking on a link in the e-mail.  After you pay for the session, we then schedule the examination.

COVID-19 SAFETY:  We know that many communities have “hunker down orders” or other restrictions in place relative to gatherings of various sorts. We ask that you abide by these restrictions when it comes to participating in an amateur radio examination session. Do not violate the orders that are in place for your local area! If we need to reschedule or cancel your examination session, we can and will. We must rely on you for this information.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PROCTORS: While individuals not holding amateur radio licenses may be proctors, individuals with a Novice or Technician class amateur class amateur radio license are NOT eligible to be proctors. If the potential proctor holds a General, Advanced or Amateur Extra class license, they can be proctors, but need to provide us with a signed copy of their OFFICIAL license.  This can be attached to the electronic proctor application.  Submitting a CSCE proving your class of license will NOT be accepted!  Please know that we do check the Universal Licensing System to see if a proctor applicant is also a licensed amateur.


  • Primary or Secondary Education Teachers
  • College or University Faculty or Adjunct Faculty
  • Sworn Law Enforcement Officers (Federal, State, or Local)
  • Fireman and emergency response personnel (personnel who respond to emergency situations, typically dispatched from a fire station…those who ride in fire trucks, ambulances, and similar response equipment)
  • Judges or Magistrates
  • Active Duty, Active Reserve, or Active National Guard Military Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers and Senior NCOs (E7 – E9) (Retirees and inactive reserve are not authorized)
  • Civilian federal employees in the grade of GS-7 or above
  • Elected government officials such as mayors, city council members, city assembly members, senators, congressmen, etc.
  • State, municipal, city, borough, township, or other similar government subdivision employees in a management or supervisory position.
  • An amateur Extra, Advanced*, or General Class** license holders.  They must provide us with a signed copy of their OFFICIAL license. 
      Note * – May only proctor for Technician and General Class license examinations

      Note ** – May only proctor for Technician Class license examinations

Further, proctors MAY NOT proctor examinations for his or her spouse, children, grandchildren, stepchildren, parents, grandparents, stepparents, brothers, sisters, stepbrothers, stepsisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and in-laws.

 NOTE: There are no refunds for remote examinations.  NO EXCEPTIONS