Remote Testing

The Anchorage ARC VEC has received FCC approval for remote testing of some applicants who for reasons of distance or other considerations cannot easily attend a regular exam session, and when similar reasons make it impractical for us to send a VE team to them.  Persons interested in this process should contact the VEC chairman for additional information.   This service is limited to individuals whose physical and legal address is within the State of Alaska.   Please do not ask us about remote testing for persons living in other states.

There are no plans to expand this project to other areas at this time. If this policy should change, we will announce any new arrangements in the various national Amateur Radio media in plenty of time for applicants in other areas to take advantage of the process. This service is not offered to Alaskan individuals who reside in a location where there are regularly scheduled exams. 

Contact the VEC Chairman if are interested in the remote testing program for amateur radio licensing.

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