Remote Testing

Remote Testing Update – March 30th, 2020


The Anchorage ARC VEC is offering our remote examination program services to those who have found license examination opportunities shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis.  We expect to have many applications and requests to take examinations due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Be strongly advised that our resources are currently limited and but we will do our best to handle applications in a timely manner.  The application has been modified to reflect recent changes and will be re-evaluated as the situation changes.  Current wait times on applications are up to 30 days for an exam date.  Also be advised that we may not be able to approve every application and your understanding is tremendously appreciated.  The remote testing application is available by clicking the link below.

Please note:  Remote examinations require that a proctor, identified by the examinee and approved by the Anchorage ARC VEC, be present during the examination session.  Proctor information must be provided during the application process.  Unfortunately, if no proctor information is provided, the application for remote testing will be disapproved.

We know that many communities have “hunker down orders” or other restrictions in place relative to gatherings of any sort. We ask that you please abide by these restrictions when it comes to participating in an amateur radio examination session. Do not violate the orders that are in place for your local area! If we need to reschedule or cancel your examination session we can and will. We must rely on you for this information.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PROCTORS: Individuals requesting to be proctors in our program are NOT eligible if they already hold a valid Novice or Technician class amateur radio license. If the potential proctor holds a General, Advanced or Amateur Extra class license they will be required to undergo our accreditation process to become a Volunteer Examiner. We will verify if the potential proctor has a license by performing a check in the Universal Licensing System.