The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (AARC), call sign, KL7AA was organized in 1947.

We are fortunate to have an outstanding facility that we use as our home. We call it the Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC).

The Ops Room is the heart and soul of the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (AARC). Check out the North-West Operating Station

Ops Room Power

RSOC Property at 6721 Raspberry Road. Started with the FCC Monitoring Stations. We have an AARC Anchorage Timeline that show how we are tied into the community.
RSOC Ops Building; contains our Ops Room, kitchen, snack room, and a full basement. Surrounding the building we have lots of antennas.
RSOC Main Building; contains our classroom, meeting room, tech lab, office, museum room, restrooms and mechanical rooms.
RSOC Vehicle Bays; Starting from the West, the  building has 4 vehicle bays, and the battery lab.