Fully Remote Testing



To be eligible for a fully remote examination, you must have the following:

    1. A reliable internet connection, suitable to adequately run two video feeds and one audio feed.
    2. One computer with a web browser and a web camera that allows us to view your head, face, and shoulders clearly, to be seen at all times during the examination. This same computer must have a microphone that allows the VE team to hear all sounds within the testing environment.
    3. Another computer with a web camera, a smartphone with a web camera, or a second web camera attached to your main computer. This camera must be positioned in such a way to allow the VE team to see your hands, workspace, work (on scratch paper and/or calculator) and the computer monitor that is being used to display the examination.
    4. A current installation of Zoom.
    5. A quiet room to complete the exam, free from distractions or interruptions. You MUST be the only person in the room during the exam. No one is permitted to enter the room while the examination is in progress.

Our process to administer your fully remoted exam on exam day is as follows:

    1. You must be at a table/desk with the computer you will take the examination with. Only one display/monitor can be connected during the examination.  Clear your desk/testing area of all unnecessary materials such as notebooks, papers, and general clutter.  
    2. You must be alone in the room for the duration of the examination. Please understand that no one can enter the room while the examination is taking place.
    3. You may not leave the room until your examination is complete.
    4. Once connected to the video conference and prior to the start of the examination, we will ask you to swing your second camera around the entire room (360 degrees).  You must also show the floor and ceiling in the vicinity of where you will be seated during the examination.
    5. You must present a U.S. government-Issued photo ID (federal, state, tribal, or similar).  If you were sent a DocuSign package, you must present the same identification included in that package.
    6. You will be provided a web link by the Lead VE to access our examination platform. The Lead VE will provide additional information to help you access the exam.
    7. You may not wear a smartwatch or headphones, or use a smartphone, computer, tablet, or similar device during the examination. You may only use a smartphone as a second camera.
    8. If you will be using a calculator, you must clear the memory and show the VE team the keystrokes you enter to clear the memory on camera. The VE team must be satisfied this requirement has been met or the calculator may not be used. You may NOT use a calculator on your computer; it must be a separate, stand-alone calculator.
    9. You may use a blank scratch sheet of paper.  You must show the front and back of the sheet of paper to the examination team prior to starting your examination.
    10. During the examination, your cameras must clearly show:
      a. Your head and shoulders,
         b. Your computer monitor/laptop screen, and
         c.  Your work area, hands, keyboard, and mouse.
    11. Just before the examination starts, the Lead VE team will instruct you to remain in full view of the cameras for the duration of the examination. The examination cannot be voluntarily stopped and restarted.
    12. The Lead VE will ensure that you understand that if you are found to be looking around at another part of their room and away from your workspace, the examination will be immediately terminated and rendered void.
    13. The Lead VE will instruct you that if your internet connection video connection drops, you must remain seated until the VE team resolves the issue at hand. The same shall apply if you somehow have an issue with the examination software and the examination suddenly stops. Should your internet connection not be restored, the Lead VE will immediately establish a telephone connection with you and work with you to solve the problem.
    14. You will be provided the results of the examination immediately.
    15. If you take and pass the Technician or General Examination, you will be offered the opportunity to attempt the next level of examination if you have prepared for it.

Thank you for respecting our process and we wish you the very best of luck on your examination.


Anchorage ARC VEC