Projects – We Need Your Help and Ideas!

Your club needs your help!

We’ve got plenty of projects that need champions.  If you have a bit of time and are willing to roll your sleeves up, you can really help!  Check the list of projects and activities below that we need help with.  If you are willing, please drop us a line using the form at the bottom of this page to let us know.

We are also interested in your project ideas.  Keep in mind that any project will require a “champion” to make it successful.  Some projects will require funding, either internally, or externally.  Please keep all this in mind.  At the very least, involvement is the key …. are you willing to take the lead on your great idea?

Please submit your suggestions or willingness to help with a listed project at the bottom of this page.  Be warned that you may be asked to take the lead on the project!    😉


Project or Activity NeedDescriptionContact
Club Antenna Analysis, Characterization, and RepairEvaluate antennas on the shelves for resonant frequency(ies), structural integrity, label, and store. Use the club's AIM antenna analyzer to characterize.KL7TS or KL5T
Club Member Antenna Sweep and AnalysisVisit club member's home stations to sweep antenna systems with club's AIM antenna analyzer. Also check mobile systems.KL7TS or KL5T
RF Cable LabelingCharacterize and label all active and available antenna feedlines using club's cable labeler.KL7TS
Equipment Inventory and ManagementAssist Vice President with equipment inventory, labeling, and database management.KL5T
MESH Network - File ServerDevelop a file server for the MESH network using a Raspberry Pi. Systems are in place as examples.KL5T
LCD Monitor RepairAn LCD monitor needs repair. It needs a couple capacitors replaced. An instructional video for the repair is available. This is a good kid project.KL5T
Hand and Power Tool OrganizationOrganize all hand and power tools at the club station. Many tools need to be labeled with ID numbers and added to the inventory.KL7TS
Club Work Shop Organization and StorageWe need to get the work shop area organized so it is more functional and looks like a professional shop. Are you a great organizer?KL7TS
Front Office Organization and StorageThe club's front office needs to be organized. Shouldn't be too difficult a job, just needs to be tackled.KL7TS
Garage Organization and StorageNeed some real help here. If we can get this spacew organized it will make a real difference being able to get work done.KL7TS
Mezzanine Organization and StorageThis is our primary long storage area and really needs to be cleaned up. Can you help?KL7TS or KL5T
Build Worktop for Operating Table for MTVThe MTV uses a 2' x 4' portable table as a work top. It would be enlarged somewhat by building a 2' x 6' top that sits securely overtop. Do you have some woodworking skills?KL7MM or KL5T
Document ScanningLots of club documents need to be scanned. Any help would be appreciatedAL2R or KL7GD
Assist with donated tower take-downs and removalsAre you willing to assist with tower dismantling? We always need help. Are you willing to be a tower or ground crew member?KL5T
Assist with removal and disposal of "dead lead" (old batteries)These need to be hauled away periodically. Can you be the dead lead leader?KL7TS
ARES - Anchorage Department of Corrections Emergency CoordinatorWe need a lead person to coordinate support for the Anchorage area State of Alaska Department of Corrections emergency communications needs. An MOU is in place. We need a point person. Ready to get involved?KL5T
Cable Crimp Tool God / GoddessWe have a lot of crimp tools that need to be characterized, instructions provided, and training to be provied on their use. A worthwhile project. Are you up for it?KL7TS or KL5T
ARES - Membership on Critical Resources TeamsBecome a member of a team supporting a critical communications resource or served agency. We do need your help.KL5T
Portable Deployable Kit ManagerWe need someone to manager our deployable kits. These inclue simple portable voice stations, packet stations, crossband repeater units, and MESH units in the future. This is a cool job!KL5T
Reprogram Portable 440 MHz Portable Repeater Morse IDerWe need to reprogram the Morse IDer in our portable 440 repeater. We've got the keypad to do the job, but need someone to champion the effort.KL7TS or KL5T
RFI Team LeadThe club has some excellent RFI detection equipment. We need to get it into service on a regular basis. How would you like to lead the effort to track down the countless sources of harmful interference in Anchorage?!KL7TS or KL5T
MTV Equipment OutfittingWe need to get our MTV Properly outfitted so it can deploy and operate on a moment's notice. Can you work with our Heavy Rolling Stock Manager to assist?KL7MM or KL5T

If you can help with an existing project or need, or have a new idea, please let us know.  Submit your info on the form below: