RSOC Watch Officers

RSOC Watch Officers are responsible club members qualified to access and oversee activities within the RSOC Operations Center.  They are generally qualified to operate communications equipment within RSOC, keeping in bounds with their FCC license authorizations. However, a Watch Officer may not be knowledgeable about all equipment within the RSOC and limit their activities to the operation of equipment that are indeed trained on.  In the absence of the Station Manager, Watch Officers are “in charge” of activities at the station.

The RSOC Station Manager “authorizes” the assignment of Watch Officer status to qualified and responsible individuals after continued participation in RSOC activities.   They will have received meaningful training on and be capable of demonstrating their ability to operate critical communications equipment within the RSOC.

The following individuals are credentialed Watch Officers:

Last NameFirst NameCallsignRoleE-mailComment
SheffieldTJKL7TSStation Manager / Watch