Bring or Create a new VE Team

Starting a new team or bringing an existing team from another VEC program…read carefully before applying!!!

***Effective December 2, 2020***

The Anchorage ARC VEC gladly accepts new teams to join our VEC program. To be eligible, one must first meet some basic eligibility requirements and conditions that must be accepted prior to being approved as a team. They are as follows:

  • The team must have a Lead VE. That qualified individual must hold a valid Amateur Extra class license and already be accredited, or become accredited as a Volunteer Examiner with the Anchorage ARC VEC.
  • The team must be willing to utilize our web-based platform for amateur radio license testing and electronic document preparation service. This can be implemented by using several laptops or desktop computers with a reliable internet connection.
  • Upon being approved as a newly established team by the Anchorage ARC VEC Chairman, the Lead VE will have thirty (30) days to successfully recruit a minimum of three (3) eligible licensees to serve on their team and undergo our accreditation process.  Failure to accumulate VEs that become successfully accredited will result in the team being removed from our program.  This means the Lead VE and all recently accredited VEs that were originally sponsored by the Team will be dropped.
  • The team must be willing to coordinate and sponsor the addition of new Volunteer Examiners in their group by sending them to our online application and undergoing the accreditation process. Sponsorship simply means you are willing to take them on as part of your team and authorize them to submit an application. The Anchorage ARC VEC Chairman will rely on the Lead VE to ensure the accuracy of this information and cross-check all incoming applications for new VEs.  All applications submitted by prospective VEs will be cross-checked to ensure the accuracy of information.
  • As new VEs are added to a team, the Lead VE shall be responsible for ensuring that each VE meets our requirements to remain active in our program.  This can be done by simply delegating VEs to participate in certain in-person examination sessions to help team members remain active in our VEC program.
  • The team must be willing to conduct a minimum of three sessions per calendar year. This gives any accredited VEs in their team an opportunity to easily fulfill the requirement of participating in one examination session over a 12-month period to remain active in our VEC program.
  • The Lead VE must be willing to provide the Anchorage ARC VEC current contact information, which will be listed on our website, to also include the physical location for in-person examinations.
  • All new teams bringing in new VEs must be within the same state or region.  Adjacent states are permitted. 

If the new VE team can meet the basic requirements listed above, we welcome you to apply. To begin, please fill out the form below and we will begin the process. The nominated Lead VE must complete this form and provide information as to where examination sessions will be administered, etc. Upon receiving and approving the application, we will inform the prospective Lead VE that they are permitted to apply for accreditation into our program. For more information or additional questions, please direct any inquiries to the VEC Chairman via email at

Apply to create a new team