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When disaster strikes, communication is the most important missing service.  Amateur radio operators have a long history of helping in disaster situations and this new device was created to assist in that effort.

The PiGate is a small piece of hardware that can be brought into a disaster area, connected to an already existing VHF or HF amateur radio and antenna (like in your car or truck), and used to send e-mail to the global Winlink2000 system through a Radio Message Server (RMS) station.

Users connect to the PiGate thru a WiFi port either using a web browser, or an e-mail application, on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  From there they can compose and send e-mail to their family and friends.

The Winlink2000 global e-mail radio service then routes the e-mail to any address in the world.

The PiGate is very small and has a very low power requirement, allowing it to be used in disaster situations without relying on any other services.  Except for an external power requirement and a connection to a HF or VHF radio, It is completely self-contained.