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Here are some presentations on the setup of the PiGate, as well as a couple of videos that were made at the Digital Communications Conferences in 2016 and 2017.

These are a little old, and don’t reflect the changes in PiGate 2.0, but they are still useful.

A PowerPoint presentation on how to do the initial PiGate setup.

My PiGate presentation at the 2016 DCC

My presentation of the new TNC-Pi9k 9600 baud capable TNC in 2017 for the DCC

To the right are a number of “training” videos that I made to help explain the new PiGate 2.0 user interface.  Watch these videos in order to learn some of the features of the new interface.  Also download and read the documents, which have more details. PiGate 2.0 Intro

PiGate 2.0 Security

PiGate 2.0 Software Upgrades

PiGate 2.0 GPS Settings and Polling Stations

PiGate 2.0 RMS and Custom RMS Stations

PiGate 2.0 Polling Interval and the Catalog