Southcentral VHF/UHF Voice Repeaters

The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club supports a network of voice repeaters in Southcentral Alaska. The club’s VHF/UHF Committee is responsible for installation, maintenance, and operation of the system. The AARC Voice Repeater network is open to any properly licensed amateur radio operator.

NOTE: IRLP is not permitted on AARC-owned repeater systems. 

These are the primary South Central area Coordinated voice repeaters currently in operation:

South Central Alaska Repeaters

146.94 -103.5KL7AAAnchorage to Wasilla, Flat top Mtn.Up
224.94 -NoneKL7AAAnchorage to Wasilla, Flat top Mtn.Up
444.70 +103.5KL7AAAnchorage to Wasilla, Flat top Mtn.Up
147.33 +103.5WL7CVGCross-banded to 443.900Very wide Area **
Grubstake Mtn.
443.90 +103.5WL7CVGCross-banded to 147.33Very wide Area **
Grubstake Mtn.
146.67 -103.5KL7AIREnc/DecAnchorage & Glenn Highway NorthUp
146.88 -NoneAL7LEPhone PatchKenai & SoldotnaUp
147.30 +141.3KL7IONVery Wide Area
Mt. Gordon Lyon
146.85 -103.5KL7JFUEnc/DecMatSu ValleyUp
147.30 +100WL7CVVValdezUp

as of 4/25/2017

On repeaters with autopatch capability, emergency communications is immediately available by entering “*911”.

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