Art Bell vs. Alpha Amplifiers

The following is from Craig Bledsoe, KL7H….

A funny Pahrump story from the ham radio repairs chat group:


The late Art Bell, W6OBB, of “Coast to Coast AM” fame had a late model 1.5 kw Alpha (think it was an 89 with aux fan)…..and it was tuned up for 10M FM, at 1.5 KW into a flat SWR.  He drives to Vegas, 75 miles away…and in the meantime, his cat comes into the shack, and falls asleep on the footswitch.   Art gets home, and smoke and stink in the shack.   Amp was roasted.  Art phones up Alpha and tells ’em it ran 1.5 kw on 10m FM for 4.5 hrs. Alpha tech tells Art….. ‘don’t believe all the advertising hype’.